Thursday, May 29, 2014

Juicing and Poetry

Recently, my sister and her sweetie, Merle Stiner, started "juicing" and posting pictures of their healthy breakfast options to their personal pages on facebook.

The pre-juice pictures looked delicious, and I was inspired to try my own variations.

I did a little research, and finally started with a modified version of the Dr. Oz drink and started drinking it every day as breakfast.

I leave mine thick like a shake, and add different items every day to keep up the diversity.

One of the things that amazed me about this was not the drink itself, but how much I loved the process.

There was something about the deliberateness of washing fresh vegetables and fruits, then cutting them up and putting them in the blender. I enjoyed the rhythm, and the simpleness. I liked how the different things combined into one taste, and yet still retained their individual flavors.

And I liked how preparing it took a while. It deliberately slowed things down in the morning. It gave me time to think.

I'm a rush rush in the morning person, and this changed everything for me. I long for more deliberateness in my life. More time, more simplicity.

Later, this was directly related to the satisfaction I felt when I was drinking the veggie smoothie.

It was kind of like drinking poetry.

Here are two new poems up at Melancholy Hyperbole. They specialize in publishing poetry about longing. If you enjoy them, please comment on Melancholoy's website. And if you are poet - please submit here! They are great to work with.

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Here's to a little deliberateness in your day.

Best wishes,