Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One Book One Community

The Stillwater Public Library and OSU Library have teamed up to offer a program called "One Book One Community."

The idea is the entire town reads the same book and meets for discussion sessions and they hold various events (song writing class, movies). It's a very neat idea, and this year I am participating. The book is Bound for Glory by Woody Guthrie.

I never would have read this book without the program.

It's a little hard to get into because of the spelling and the feel of the thick local dialect. It kind of reminds me of how I first felt about Shakespeare, a little lost until I picked up on the rhythm and got a real sense of the language.

Also - the first chapter is not the best one of the book. I am afraid a lot of people will give up. I pushed on through.

I'm starting to enjoy the book, and appreciate the humor and the home spun feel of the book. I feel like I'm getting a real sense of the time Woody lived in. It kind of reminds me of the Shepard of the Hills book I read when we went to Missouri.

There are some lines in Guthrie's book just make me die laughing. Here is one:

"Leonard! You Dead?" Grandma said to him. (page 65 - Bound for Glory by Woody Guthrie).

The dialogue, while it can be a bit distracting due to spelling, is often very humorous, and part of the charm. Give it a chance.

Does your Library have a one book one community program?

If not - you should get one started!

I'm enjoying this one.